Why Consider A Coach?

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What is Coaching?

A Coach focuses on finding solutions to your challenges. Sessions can take place in person, over the phone or by video.As your coach, Saundra will:

  • Listen carefully to your goals, challenges, and passions.
  • Provide a sounding-board for your ideas, questions and concerns.
  • Challenge you to move forward with your dreams, visions and plans.
  • Offer a safe, supportive and consultative space to explore options.
  • Help shift your thinking toward future actions.
  • Maintain your confidentiality and uphold a strict code of ethics.

Coaching is not …

Coaching is not therapy. We will not provide services to assess and treat emotional disturbances or illness. We cannot provide a clinical assessment of your mental well-being.

Why choose Perfect for You Coaching for your coaching needs?

Saundra is passionate about helping adults navigate their career and retirement lifestyle challenges. Her passion means she “Gets it”. She has had multiple career challenges in mid-life and has guided many others through their own sets of career challenges. She’s at the age where she’s seriously planning for retirement but she’s not ready to retire now. She wants to be ready and knows retirement coaching can help her get ready. Work with a professional who understands your challenges and has managed her way through some of them already.

Saundra has earned her Certified Retirement Coaching and Certified Professional Career Coach designations. She has coached adults with career challenges working in many fields. Adults contemplating retirement and those who have recently retired are finding retirement coaching the way to make sense of their constantly changing retirement options. One of her greatest skills is being able to see the big picture … your goals and dreams … while assisting you with focusing on the smaller details that will move you forward. Saundra wants to work with you to guide you toward the best your career and retirement options.

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Contact Us to Learn More

Are you curious about coaching? Contemplating a career challenge? Are you thinking about retiring but you’re not quite sure where to start? Do you want to retire but don’t know what you’re going to do to fill your time? All these questions, and more, can be addressed during a typical coaching session. If you’d would like a free consultation, contact us.