Retirement Done Your Way

Retired Couple on a Bench at the Beach

Getting Ready for Retirement

Whether it’s 10 months or 10 years away, retirement is the goal for many people. Yet there are numerous questions, challenges and choices as you head down that road. You may be wondering:

  • What is important for me during this time?
  • Is it time to sell my house or move to another part of the country?
  • How can I maximize time with my family?
  • Where can I find a part-time job that doesn’t tie me down?
  • How will I stay connected to people?
  • What am I going to do all day?
  • How can I find meaning in this part of my life?
  • What is the best way to stay up-to-date with life’s fast pace of change?


Find Your Answers

Retirement coaching can help you find the answers to those questions and others. It’s time for you to take your your life seriously and be ready for everything that is possible. If you’re ready to be serious and explore the answers to your questions, contact Saundra at Perfect for You Coaching. We’re here to help you solve your retirement challenges.