Solutions to Your Career Challenges

Do you know how to …

  • Find your ideal career?
  • Present yourself effectively in a job interview?
  • Create a strong LinkedIn profile?
  • Network successfully using LinkedIn and other social media solutions?
  • Write a strong resume for an employer’s electronic application process?
  • Ensure your digital reputation is clean and professional?
  • Create and implement a dynamic job search plan?
  • Find freelancing opportunities?

Career Options

Why Career Coaching is so important

The traditional career path of starting at the bottom and climbing the corporate ladder from position to position is disappearing. Many industries are being outsourced overseas. Freelancing and working from home is becoming more attractive. Gig work such as Uber is now a viable work option. Portfolio careers, where you work multiple part-time jobs, are on the rise.

What works for you and what makes you eager to start your day? That answer is different for each of us.Your answer may change over time depending on your age or personal situation. Even those that are nearing retirement age are considering new types of work rather than what they’ve done all their lives for an income.

Whether it’s new job or a new career, making the change can be difficult. Updating your resume is more challenging and time-consuming than it ever was before, especially since many employers force you to enter your information into an online form, and no two employers seem to do it the same way. Many people think they already know how to look for a job or the best way to write resume, but they end up using outdated or inefficient job search techniques, which wastes time and quickly becomes frustrating. You might think that spending most of your time answering open job ads is a great way to get started, but it can be the biggest waste of your job search time.

Are you confident that you know how to maximize your efforts and present your best self during your job search? If not, it’s time to explore solutions specifically created for you.

Get started with Perfect for You Coaching

Saundra Loffredo is a Certified Professional Career Coach. She has been passionate about helping people maximize their career options for thirty years. She has worked with individuals in a wide range of career fields. One of her greatest strengths helping you change careers by finding and marketing your transferable skills.

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